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by Yama
SORRY,Mistranslation multi.

*The Psychedelic Furs. It is Pretty in Pink if it says. solveIt is Pretty in Pink if it says. solve..saying... solvingIt has broken. It is recalled and it has become blame from ..Tod.. side as follows the album of the Tod Lungren produce however immediate. It is strong and the comparatively Pretty in Pink because the name of ..Beta.. band the first .... image by psychedelic fur Fusa Fusa. we..doing.. .. pass 20 years that are the bandsShimizu when returning it to the hesitation and the moment shelf by such a translation when this used LP before one's eyes appears after ..hand.. repeating return again. Let's do and listen to ー. Then, the first. This is unconcernedly made only by sober again. It confused it again because it had massaged it. When the thing very said also is not, and looks like Boi, Vorcal of famous is ..mackerel pike of the acacia.. ..listening.. though it is good at performance of backing. I think and. Until it cannot be up to a coming each other enduring ....familiarity.. Ts Shimizu however with great pains... The tune advances solving. The second is flat. It rushes into the third. Then, daybreak came. The sun rises from the west and the cat is a pussy willow. It does, ー and the fog clear up, and Kyoc. Surprise attack. Sense of relief that looks like OMD. OMD because it likes it. It is a vital point. When the barrier in one time and east and west is got over by the translation, the attitude that has been listened now is different. It became OK ..all.. doing and doing. This Farz is ,in a word, a usual band. ..trying the singing.. ..the singing... try to write a good tune and writeAnd, it performs for the song. Natural is only extremely executed in sincerity. It did without relation to the gimmick. Only the sound that it enjoys and man emits the sound from the arrangement here naturally this time. I think that it is terrible, serious people. It doesn't press and it doesn't exist impudently. It doesn't enter when meeting it here. Because such a band is loved. The pupil finishes opening fast even if moving to B respect, it listening, and the change. As much as one the pin and the 2nd that did not come are Battiri first when becoming the second times. The tune is seen whenever changing into the change, and all famous piece of musics. Band it to which waist sat, and The Psychedelic Furs. It doesn't hesitate because of the following. Square face of ..cause...



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