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by Yama
SORRY,Mistranslation multi.

*Did the CD set reach?。Guys of Smoky a set of three pieces. It is happiness it was possible to get it because it was thought that the possibilities might be only in original album analog and meeting with by this low price. The second piece "Always changed" of the break work from among that. Smoky. SMOKEY debuted first by the name in 1975 though SMOKIE changed into the spelling at later years. The producer and the Sonraitar team of mike Chapman = Nikky Chin who shoulders British gram POP field in the first half of 70's and stood are a scouts, and nice parties after the gram who sent it. There are circumstances, too, even if sweet, that they associated is very independent and it parts from the hand. It did and ー band changed, too. The age changed, too and it with the way in the point into which the tendency to music turns, too new this year. It is read having from the gay ..retreat.. route such as CSN&Y and soft Eagles when going in freshness as for valves of persons in question of having thought. When traveling to LA, the following thought of this. The first break single is "If Yu sink. " of two. Even the title is a new base. "48 crashes" of "Coco" or 1 title is a purport and. Is the tune added?Life intention in Eagles route. And, it is and Cati British flavor having is indescribably wonderful. After all, the album title tune of 1 and 6 becomes the highlight tune of this album so, too. It has understood how many to go out here with the best boards of men who do not understand. When doing and listening to the original album ・・・ This : to triplet's soul 100. It doesn't change into such sudden man. A long title also loses one's breath only by two. ー ..guy of member making by oneself spoiled like "Jury", too... Tinichap's is too Tinichap in the tune when often listening. The tempo was slowed down and it did not threaten. As for, even if shape changes, it is the same and fancy is alive and well. In addition, it is shrewdly done not to have done sweetly. Progress. ..putting out.. . whyBy which it wanted to listen and to do by the member of Smoky is by Tinichap when thinking be not to self-made. It is ..five.. Airplane!. Pale Jesus's chorus flits by the getting untied performance. The image is spoiled of Smoky. Because it is considerably connected that Progress and the west coast of ..bite.. ,. Are not you even if spoiled?Is the queen considerably considered if it is said the chorus?When it was very favorite, it did though it was ..paving.. sweet. Even here completely : as it is. The band that Chin = Chapman team unites is characterized, there are a lot of parties of serious excrement, and this Smoky is also unexceptional. It appeals earnestly and it seems to sing in relieved camera eye line already. Evasion and this tightening too much in POP .... the world for three Cati minutes are the work of the producer. Always say. When it is over produce. However, . that it unites and asks the Tod Lungren doctor for production with these two people. Or, it massages and the band is a resolution necessity of two people for the member for making it join. When Tini = Chap unpleasant color is said by this, the goodness or more listening is ..listening.. . where. I will not want must to hear it oppositely. How if it did only for myself?This is a decision of the band at the time of this. In 75 when 1st is the same. This is also interesting in various meanings. By all means at another chance. It encounters and there are , and several tunes depending on the example, too. The tune ..happy.. entered neatly so that the album only for the appearance to be shown ..killing tune.. singing of the killing tune in this age differing from passing tune somehow now, too. It is POP industry Ama ..turning over.. Mu by can make it only by such a killer. Its.. killer only in the killer disappears in the killer.

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